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The Law Office of J. Gavrilidis firm stands out for offering comprehensive legal assistance services in Panama, focusing on providing effective and personalized legal solutions. With a team of highly qualified lawyers and solid experience in various branches of law, Law Office of J. Gavrilidis is committed to defending the interests of its clients with the utmost dedication and professionalism. From corporate law consultancy to representation in complex litigation, this firm has established itself as a trusted and excellent reference in the Panamanian legal field.
Servicio de derecho administrativo en panama

Administrative Law

We offer specialized legal advice in administrative procedures, ensuring the defense of your rights against public administration.

Servicio de derecho civil en Panama

Civil Law

We provide legal advice in civil matters, protecting your rights and resolving conflicts with efficiency and professionalism.

Servicio de Litigios y arbitrajes en Panama

Litigation and Arbitration

We resolve legal disputes with efficiency and fairness through litigation and arbitration, ensuring justice for our clients.

Servicio de derecho corporativo en panama

Corporate Law

We offer comprehensive legal advice for companies, optimizing their structure and protecting their interests in the business environment.

Servicio de derecho migratorio en Panama

Immigration Law

We facilitate immigration processes with legal expertise, paving the way to new opportunities in foreign lands with security.

Servicio de derecho penal en panama

Criminal Law

Expert legal defense in criminal cases, protecting your rights and ensuring a fair and equitable trial.

Servicio legal de bienes racies

Real Estate Law

Our real estate law service provides expert legal advice for all your real estate transactions and needs.

Servicios de derecho laboral en panama

Labor Law

Our labor law advisory protects your rights and ensures a fair and equitable work environment.

Servicios legales de familia

Family Law

In family law, we provide legal support to resolve family matters with understanding and efficiency.

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Our team of legal experts is ready to provide you with exceptional and personalized service, ensuring the protection of your rights and interests. We have a solid reputation for achieving favorable results, working diligently and transparently.
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