Civil Law Service in Panama

Civil Law at J. Gavrilidis

Law Office of J. Gavrilidis has a team of lawyers specialized in Criminal Law with experience in areas such as financial and corporate fraud, crimes against public administration, and the national economy.

About Civil Law in Panama

  • The main objective of civil law is to study and guide everything related to natural or legal persons.
  • This is a private right responsible for regulating and protecting individual interests and rights of each person under the principle of equality before the law.
  • It is a general right, institutions guided by civil law attend to all individuals without bias based on the origin, education, or religion of a person.

Our Civil Law Services in Panama

In the field of Criminal Law, we act as relentless defenders of your rights and freedoms. Our commitment is to ensure that the fundamental principles of justice are upheld, providing you with strong and strategic legal representation at every stage of the criminal process, with the aim of protecting your innocence and safeguarding your interests.

Specialists in Criminal Law.

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